When you sign up to Taskbox, we will automatically configure the following dashboard. This dashboard is optimised to help you get started with the basics of Taskbox. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the widgets we have included and how they work for you.

The clock:

Time is an essential ingredient within all our workdays. The clock is there is a quick reminder of where you are in the day. Click on the ‘Cog’ icon, and you can customise your clock's colour.


It’s essential to make sure that you never miss any communication about the work you are linked to. You will receive the note in this widget if you're tagged or a note is added to your projects/tasks.

TIP: New notes you’ve not actioned in the past will how with a blue border

Created for you:

Other users’ new tasks created for you will appear in this widget. They are categorised by date, so you can easily see what has been assigned on a day by day basis. Once work is completed, the tasks will be removed from your widget.

TIP: Click on the ‘show all’ button to see all tasks assigned to you in the past.

Productivity tracker:

In its more basic form, this widget is a calendar of work. You will notice that coloured dots appear each day when work is planned. As days go by, the dots will change colour based on progress.

Red - Tasks planned for the day were not completed

Yellow - Tasks planned for the day were completed, but late

Green - Tasks planned for the day were completed on time

You can easily use this widget to stay on track and iron out any issues.

Daily completion totals:

Want to know how much work has been completed each day? This widget will allow you to keep track of that. Keep track of the productivity of your team.

These 5 widgets will help you to get started with Taskbox. They will push you to plan work correctly whilst also ensuring that all work is completed on time. Want to see how to move them around, remove widgets or more? Check out our other training articles.

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