Projects allow you to create goals and deadlines for your spaces. From delivering a product to your client to building a treehouse. Projects are a measurable way of getting work done.

You can either assign an existing project to a Space or add a new Project.

Assign an existing project

  1. Open Taskbox

  2. Click into your list of Projects

  3. Find the project you want to assign to a Space

  4. Click on the current Space name in your Project row

  5. Select your new Space

👍🏻 You have now assigned your Project to a new Space.

Add a new Project to a space

  1. Open Taskbox

  2. Click into your list of Spaces

  3. Find your Space you would like to add a Project too

  4. Click on the '+' button next to the Project total

  5. Give your Project a name

  6. Add any additional information you require

  7. Click save

Congratulations! 👏🏻 You have now created a new Project for your Space

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